The Kundalini Research Network is an international group of health care professionals, researchers, scholars and individuals interested in the transformative power of Consciousness, known in the Yogic tradition as Kundalini.

The Kundalini Research Network is dedicated to exploring and supporting this remarkable facet of our humanity.




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Since its foundingin 1990, KRN has welcomed interested individuals from around the world. We are not restricted to any religious tradition or spiritual discipline. The common thread is an interest in ancient streams of traditional wisdom, as well as in the flow of scientific information pertinent to Kundalini phenomena. KRN is dedicated to expanding and deepening this pool of knowledge and making it accessible to all.

The Kundalini process and spiritual transformation are often misunderstood and even pathologized. Therefore, a primary goal of KRN is to bring accurate information and research findings related to Kundalini processes to health care professionals, researchers, and individuals experiencing such processes. KRN is dedicated to making these awesome and complex processes more understandable and more widely recognized.