The Kundalini Research Network is an international group of health care professionals, researchers, scholars and individuals interested in the transformative power of Consciousness, known in the Yogic tradition as Kundalini.

The Kundalini Research Network is dedicated to exploring and supporting this remarkable facet of our humanity.

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The Kundalini Research Network occasionally solicits papers or articles on a variety of subjects related to the scientific and practical study of Kundalini and related phenomena.

We will place the purpose, criteria, deadline and submission guidelines for all Calls For Papers on this page.

Below we have listed the objectives of the Kundalini Research Network and the general purpose and role that our research plays in conferences.

Objectives of the Kundalini Research Network.

To establish a network of scientists, professionals and individuals interested in Kundalini research. To contact, establish and expand linkages with other groups and individuals who share an interest in Kundalini research. To share and exchange information by means of a newsletter and by annual meetings or conferences. To encourage and collaborate in Kundalini research and resulting publications. To disseminate information on Kundalini to health care professionals and to people experiencing this process.


The Kundalini Research Network meets to present new findings, review and plan research projects, collaborate on articles and meet others interested in Kundalini research. Educational lectures and participatory workshops are presented offering traditional, cross-cultural, modern and clinical perspectives. If you would like to submit a proposal for presentation at a future symposium, please contact us.