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The Process

Extreme transformation (sometimes called the lightning stroke) can occur to anyone at anytime and under any circumstance. The amount of prior preparation is no guarantee that the gift will be granted. Some have little or no preparation, and fall quickly into the sea of bliss. Others practice dutifully for years and never experience the deep inner rapture.

Who will undergo this process is not predictable. Those who seemingly should arrive may never attain the goal of immediate realization. Others apparently less deserving may quickly ascend to the top of the mountain.

No one gets a free ride. The opening may be brilliant, transcendent even. But there will be times of balancing and integration, periods of pain and despair, as one attempts to deal with these unfamiliar energies now infusing ones system, one day mounting into bliss, the next plunging into some kind of pain.

One may never ever know why this transfiguring event occurred that so totally turned ones life around. One theory is that such awakenings are related to ones past life development as for example (in my case) likely a tantric practitioner. (I consider all delicate energy work to be tantric in nature)

One must listen carefully to ones own inner guru, who seems to be a combination of teacher, counselor, friend, and Beloved Within. The guru is very patient--it will stay with you until the process is complete or at least stabilized. In fact, it will remain with you forever, for it is an aspect of your own higher self, ready to guide and protect you during this entire life cycle.

This experience is not purely spiritual (something divorced from the material realm and the sensate body.) It is something that is felt deeply inside, like any sensation or emotion. It often carries a distinct erotic flavor, though it is definitely not merely sexual arousal or response. (The inner response is unique to each person, some of whom may experience the energies as heat or cold or electricity, rather than bliss per se.)

The experience changes constantly, in texture, tone, magnitude and frequency. It is like listening to a piece of music again and again--every single occasion carries a different valence.

Tone and texture change over time--becoming less intense, more subdued, less volatile, more stable. And--even when the energies are so settled that they are felt merely as subtle waves of light moving through the system, these too are beautiful and can leave one sighing with pleasure.

It is extremely difficult to describe this journey, or to share any part of it, with those who have not traveled a similar path. What does one do when ones body suddenly fills with rapture from simple movement or hearing a special musical phrase? Who can you tell in a world that seems to function on some other wave length, or in some other orbit? One asks, inevitably, Am I the only one? Are there others like me?

One must adjust to the constantly unexpected. How do you react when--suddenly--you experience in your own body what another person is feeling (somatically) at the moment? What does it mean that you can--unexpectedly--feel in a palpable way the sweet energies emanating from a painting or an ancient vase? This is all part of the actual expansion of consciousness that so many describe.

You will benefit greatly from a friend or spiritual buddy with whom to share your experiences, particularly if you cannot find a suitable therapist or guide. This need--to tell ones story to a sympathetic listener--is one of the greatest of all desires expressed by those undergoing deep transformation.

You can expect to be very, very lonely on this path, especially if you are committed to the Direct Path as opposed to one mediated by a guru or a specific teaching. The reward is that you will thereby make your own discoveries as you go, rather than having them imposed or interpreted by an outside agent. Outside agents are tricky. Some are untrustworthy, others simply limited by the restrictions arising from their own personal experience or tradition. Buddha told us to be a light unto ourselves, to lay down our own path. This way may be more difficult, but in so doing we honor both ourselves and the guide from within.

As you progress, your practice will become ever more subtle, ever more delicate. Where at the beginning, you might have done hatha yoga in a typical way, now you may find that even a slight movement of fingers or eyes may produce delightful sensations of hands or arms or elsewhere, as if your inner lover were with you and leading you into these new levels of response. Ultimately, the sensations may disappear entirely, but often there is then an unexpected return of the divine within.

To complete your journey, you will need to find a way to give back, so that others may benefit from your experience. (This is the stage of the heros journey that Joseph Campbell calls bringing the treasure back home.) What this becomes will depend on your own experience. For me, language was the key. For several years I have presented a blog titled Kundalinisplendor, Poems and Reflections on the Spiritual Journey. (www.kundalinisplendor.blogspot.com) Through this blog (and other sources) I often hear from those who are themselves experiencing deep spiritual transformation, often with no guide whatsoever or even without a trusted friend to share with. I try to offer these aspirants encouragement and support, along with suggestions for resources such as books and relevant websites or authentic teachers. However, mostly I just listen attentively to their stories and answer any questions within my scope of knowledge, and these correspondents are often quite grateful just to be in contact with someone who has made this arduous journey and survived.

Dorothy Walters, Ph.D

Kundalini Primer: The Process